President's Message

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of Corvettes On The Gulf for making our club such a rewarding success. Although we are bonded together by the pride we have as Corvette owners, we are also bonded by friendship, comradery, and the good feeling of knowing we are making a positive contribution to our community.

Our members come from all parts of the country and bring with them diversity of backgrounds and personalities that are as wide as the collection of cars that make up our club. Perhaps it’s the opportunity for each of us to experience that diversity that also makes our club experience so rewarding.

Corvettes On The Gulf offers a variety of activities with the goal of having something of interest for all members. These range from car shows that we sponsor as a club, car shows sponsored by other clubs in other places, and a variety of social events like cruise-ins, monthly dinners, and seasonal parties. We encourage members to include their spouses and partners in club activities.

The effort to organize and carryout those activities is greatly appreciated and it is with much gratitude that I thank everyone in our club who puts forth a special effort to make Corvettes On The Gulf a success.

Lastly, for those visiting our website who are considering joining our club, I would like to roll out the welcome mat on behalf of myself and all our members. The inflow of new people, both seasonal and full-time Floridians, brings new ideas and new energy to our club. We would love to have you.

Save the wave!

Graham Reedy, President
Corvettes On The Gulf